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Adopt a Pet - Pet Adoption AwarenessiPetLover's mission is to create our nation's first living museum designed to be fun, entertaining, educational, interactive, and an unforgettable experience for all ages. The museum will also have a major on-site "Grand Central Station" pet adoption command center as well as on-site adoptable and immediately available pets to loving homes.

The iPetLover non-profit museum proceeds will go directly to fund iPetLover's National School Scholarship Program and to support campaigns designed to increase local pet adoptions and local pet adoption awareness.

The museum will be established in a major United States metropolitan city - - - stay tuned for the announcement of the selected city!

Our objective is to make your visit to iPetLover's Living Museum and Experience, and Pet Adoption Center, to be one of the most powerful, educational, entertaining, and memorable experiences of your life. The museum will have history, films, art, interactive exhibits, technology, lifestyle, pop culture, and much, much more - - - all designed to delight, entertain, educate and inspire every pet lover. Our motto is "Building a life with pets" and we want to offer you an experience to celebrate the bond people have with their pets, and the bond pets have with their humans. As every pet lover knows, there's literally nothing more special than the love that exists between pets and people. We embrace that passion and want to share it with you in an experience you will never forget.

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Get a great feeling by knowing your monthly contribution or one time contribution will help us to establish our nation's first-of-its-kind iPetLover's Living Museum that will financially support local pet adoption awareness campaigns, local school pet education programs, and provide toys and blankets for pets in local pet shelters. Thank you for supporting our cause!

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