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iPetLover’s School Education Program for Pet Expo Day

iPetLover’s School Scholarship ProgramOverview

iPetLover’s mission is to support children’s education and leadership programs, pet adoption initiatives, and provide its supporters with value-added perks, bonuses, affinity, information, advocacy, entertainment, and resources.

We expect to positively impact the lives and well-being of children and their families, communities, and our culture through educational and leadership programs based on health, education, and life-building curriculums all centered around a focal point of a full life of health and well-being with pets. Equally as important is our mission of assisting local pet shelters and rescue groups in their adoption efforts and serving as a global resource and advocate of all things important to the interests and needs of all pet families in our nation.

iPetLover aspires to be the nation’s premier and largest pet family and pet lifestyle organization and foundation for children’s education and leadership programs.

The foundation’s funding will come from individual supporters, private donors and philanthropists. Our goal is to fund the “School Education Program for Pet Expo Days” and its efforts in reaching as many school children as possible through an organized, structured scholarship-type program for:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Middles Schools
  • High Schools

Scholarship Model

Based on a school’s ability to qualify per our scholarship guidelines, we’ll select one high school per district to host their own “School Pet Exp Day” (i.e., we’ll target the nation’s schools by district). Also, this high school will be required to select an elementary school (or middle school) in their district and spearhead the same program School Pet Expo Day for that particular school. This will foster leadership opportunities for high school students and will encourage camaraderie within particular school districts and the community.

Curriculum protocols and team building expertise will be coordinated between iPetLover staff and select school district leaders and student leaders.


As support of iPetLover grows, funds available to the foundation will grow concurrently. We expect iPetLover’s School Education Program to grow initially somewhat slowly, and then within several months and first year or two, to take off exponentially.

If a school reaches pre-determined membership drive goals (sign-ups in iPetLover) and successfully executes a School Pet Expo Day / curriculum per pre-set guidelines, the school will be awarded scholarship money from the foundation to use as the school district board deems appropriate. We encourage the school to use the funds in an immediate way and so that the students will realize the fruits of their efforts and be able to enjoy the benefits of the success as well.

Expertise, Project Origination, and Support

iPetLover’s School Scholarship ProgramThe idea for the foundation originated from a collaborative idea based on a fantastic, progressive, and first-of-its-kind program sponsored and hosted by Luciano Aguilar, Board Member Hawthorne School District (in the Los Angeles metropolitan area). Both Luciano Aguilar and Helen Morgan (Superintendent Hawthorne School District) are excited to work with iPetLover in rolling out our pilot template program to elementary schools and high schools throughout the country in Spring of 2015. Besides being a highly respected school board member, Luciano Aguilar is also a very notable “Pet Pro” and TV personality, veteran, businessman, father, and active community member. Helen Morgan, Superintendent Hawthorne School District, has over 30 years of amazing and successful experience in the Hawthorne School District (in addition to becoming the Director of Special Projects overseeing all state and federal categorical programs).


School Education Program for Expo Days launch target date: Spring 2015

Pilot schools scheduled for program implementation: Spring 2015

Schools will have the ability to apply for the grant each and every year if they so choose


The Secretary of Education and Office of the First Lady have also been invited to support and participate in this program and will likely be instrumental in ensuring the success of the program by disseminating program information to all school districts and superintendants in the United States. Additionally, local pet shelters, community partners and retailers interested in promoting the value of pets in kids’ (and everyone’s) lives will be invited to participate as well. In essence, this School Education Program for Pet Expo Days is expected to pull the community together with a common focus of promoting healthy and happy lifestyles for the entire community, and more specifically for school kids.

Success Metrics

By 2015, iPetLover expects to permeate all school districts and make sure they are fully aware of the School Education Program. Ultimately our goal is to include as many school districts as resources will allow and make our program available to all that express interest and successfully follow grant guidelines.

Success for iPetLover will be to realize that we consistently and positively impact the lives of all youth through educational and leadership programs that encourage including a pet as a family member in every household in America.

The short and long-term benefits to people and to pets , our culture, and our daily lifestyles are immeasurable.

Education / Curriculum Components

First and foremost, we want the “School Pet Project Day” to be a very memorable, educational, and fun event for every student. Our goal is to instill, show, and teach kids how having a pet in their life will help them to lead a happy, healthy, and wonderful life.

The following is a list of key points within the education curriculum that American Pet Family wants to impart to all students about how pets in their lives can teach them many things including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Increase overall awareness
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Values re: love, friendship, family
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Responsibility
  • Perspective
  • Obligation
  • Commitment
  • Empathy
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-worth
  • Hygiene, self-care, & maint.
  • Companionship
  • Patience
  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Socialization (social skills development)
  • Exercise
  • Health
  • Science (biology, veterinary, etc.)
  • Self-awareness
  • Needs of others
  • Nurturing skills
  • Nutrition
  • Resilience to change
  • Kindness and love
  • Safety
  • Loyalty
  • How to be happy and productive

In addition to these facets of education and life, high school students will have the opportunity to learn more about and experience the following:

  • Organizational skills
  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Responsibility
  • Team building
  • Commitment
  • Obligations
  • Community outreach
  • Planning
  • Resource allocation
  • Budgeting
  • Honor
  • Communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Community infrastructure (businesses, fire and police, govt., etc.)
  • Relationships with local shelters and rescue groups
  • Careers
  • Recognition


iPetLover looks forward to providing our school kids with a fresh, value-added curriculum designed to assist every student in becoming the very best person they can be - - -  all through a “Building a life with pets” - - - iPetLover motto.

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