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Our nation has thousands of pet rescue groups who often work independently of national pet shelters such as the Humane Society, the ASPCA, and County Animal Control organizations. Many pets needing adoption are often fostered in homes with families that have a passion for dogs and cats and pet well-being, happiness, and love. If you're looking to adopt a pet from a rescue and you're looking for a particular breed, many cities and towns have "breed-specific" rescues, so simply Google search for breed specific rescues.

Rest assured that all pets, whether they're in a shelter or a rescue, need a forever home.

Adopt a dog or a cat today. Better yet, adopt a couple. If you've never had a pet, you'll soon see that a pet will change your life and bring you immeasurable companionship, love, and happiness.

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Search listings of adoptable cats, dogs, and other pets from thousands of animal shelters and rescues nationwide.

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