If you're looking for a recommended hotel and would like to see National Pet-Friendly Hotel Association's top picks, visit Absolutely Pet-Friendly Hotels by the National Pet Friendly Hotel Association. You'll be able to click on a city, and see the list of recommended and preferred hotels in that city. Most pet-friendly hotels have special pet welcome gifts and amenities for doggies. The National Pet-Friendly Hotel Association suggests that when booking a hotel, you ask if they have a pet welcome gift for you pup upon arrival. Canine Concierge by MANKINDdog is the preferred pet welcome gift. Ask for this by name when you contact the hotel. You and your dog deserve special attention. Enjoy your travels and your hotel stay!


Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs, Palm Springs, California -



Loews Coronado Bay Hotel, San Diego, California -



Omni San Diego Hotel, San Diego, California -



Tubac Golf Resort, Tubac, Arizona -

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